At Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council (BDAIDSCOUNCIL) we aim to educate the public about HIV & AIDS related issues in order to be well informed and live a healthier lifestyle.

Since our incorporation as a Non-Profit Organisation in 2000 we have strived to raise awareness on the likes of Sexually Transmitted Infection, Unwanted Pregnancy & Social Issues for over 18 years in Brunei Darussalam.

Our logo

The representation of our logo:

The design contains one small circle, one big circle and one triangle with a red ribbon with accompanying writings in it:

  • The triangle in the big circle encompasses the silhouette of the alphabet “A”, representing “AIDS” while referring to us - the Brunei Darussalam AIDS Council (BDAIDSCOUNCIL)
  • The small circle represents the people and the organisation (BDAIDSCOUNCIL) that have come together to tackle and prevent HIV & AIDS

The meanings of our logo’s colours:

  • Red: Courage and struggle
  • Blue: Commitment and sincerity in tackling HIV and AIDS
  • Black: Solemnity

Our motto

"Advocate. Educate. Empower"

Our vision

Together towards an AIDS-free Brunei society


Empowering Brunei Darussalam on HIV & AIDS through advocacy and education


  • To disseminate information on HIV & AIDS and its related matters in Brunei Darussalam, i.e. Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), misuse of intravenous drugs, stigma & discrimination and others
  • regardless of age, religion or race using appropriate methods on a voluntary basis e.g. talks, road shows, workshops, forums, consultations, mass media and others
  • To assist the community on information regarding HIV & AIDS and its related matters and referral to professional services if required
  • To establish networking with government agencies, private sectors and non-government organisations both local and overseas to reach aforesaid objectives
  • To conduct youth work, community work and voluntary work in general

The Formation & Empowerment of Community Groups

Based on the success of BDAIDSCOUNCIL youth group (Penyinar), we at BDAIDSCOUNCIL plan to reach out to Brunei’s grass-root level community groups in society in order to further educate and empower them with knowledge regarding issues concerning HIV and AIDS locally.

In the long term, this would include various community groups whenever possible. Our targeted audience would include women, men, families, students, teachers, medical personnel, religious leaders, and more.